Your hosts

Warm and friendly, Balinese tourism professionals

Years of experience in meeting and greeting like-minded visitors from all over the world

We offer great care to Delodsema Village visitors, thanks to our experience working in various capacities within the tourism industry across the island. We’re friendly tour guides, taxi drivers, cycle hire managers, cooking school chefs, entrepreneurs, shop owners and good, honest, leaders of the community.

Together, we’ve pooled our skills to bring tourism to our village and to make sure you’re looked after by the warmest, most helpful and most professional folks in Bali.


Welcome from Baru

A welcome word from Baru Redana, Leader of Tourism for Delodsema Village and Semara Ratih


Delodsema Village is the perfect place for island visitors to connect with something more traditional. Tourism has brought many great things to Bali, but in the busy centres like Ubud, the traditional beauty of the island and the way of life has changed. Delodsema Village is the perfect place for island visitors to connect with something more traditional, sacred and simple. 

The Delodsema village project offers a unique education about the real Bali, whilst allowing our village to embrace the opportunities allowed by tourism. Visitors can explore beautiful nature, agriculture and crafts in an interactive way and the community of Delodsema comes together to support this.

 This entrepreneurial vision to invite tourism and protect the tradition of arts and crafts not only involves our whole community but Earth, God and nature.

This isn’t about shopping or trash tourism. This is about a sustainable way to connect, share and grow.

 What’s important to us is that tourists take something from the experience that will change their lives and the lives of others around them.

We hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as we are and that you will join us in Delodsema, moving forward in harmony.


Baru Redana

Leader of Tourism, Delodsema Traditional Art Village and Semara Ratih
Managing Director of Your Bali Excursion