Notes for visitors

Tips on getting the most from your visit to Delodsema and Semara Ratih

We are a traditional and peaceful village, so here are some suggestions that might help you to get more out of your experience

Keep Delodsema plastic-free

We are doing our best to make Taro and Delodsema plastic-free, so please be mindful. Bring drinking water in a flask or reusable bottle and be careful not to bring anything plastic that you might want to dispose of.

Please be patient

In Bali we are used to a slightly different pace of life. Relax, take your time and be patient. We are aware of some cultural differences and though we make every effort to meet your expectations, we are by no means perfect yet.

Dress respectfully

Please cover your shoulders and avoid short skirts, dresses and shorts, especially around temple spaces.

Say hello

The Balinese are very friendly and we will always say hello. Here’s some basic vocabulary so you can greet local people.

Basic Balinese words

tidak- no
ya – yes
bagus – good
bagus gali – very good
salamat pagi- good morning
salamat milan- good evening (after 7pm)
sama sama – you’re welcome
terimah kasi – thank you
suksma pagi – thank you
inna – delicious/yummy
maaf – sorry
singla pis – no money
singla can can- no problems
permisi – excuse me
tolonglah saya – please help me
jam berapa? – what time is it?
selamat jalan – goodbye

We hope this advice is useful to you and we look forward to your visit to Delodsema.



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