Welcome to Taro

Part of the Delodsema village family

In the 8thCentury Rsi Markandia, a revered and holy Hindu priest, arrived in Bali. He first settled in Taro and it was from this quiet village, made up of 14 sub-villages, that the spiritual practices of the island were established.

Today the population of Taro is around 10,000 and includes Delodsema, which was born out of Taro Kelod, around the 10th Century.


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Rsi Markandia is also known for creating and introducing the Subak, or Balinese irrigation system. Included as a UNESCO world heritage site, with three particular temples located and recognised along these ancient waterways.

Based around the fundamental philosophy of Tri Hita karana, the Balinese way of life hangs on three principles of wellbeing: harmony with God, harmony among people, and harmony with nature and the environment. The Subak embodies this philosophy and is deeply embedded in the culture, making Taro all the more significant as a cultural centre for the island.