About Delodsema

Where Balinese village artists and families open their doors

Delodsema is a special place. An original 10thCentury settlement with no through road, it’s a peaceful hideaway for silversmiths, woodcarvers, local painters and artists. With craftsmanship passed down through generations, we invite you into our homes and workshops to see the melting, carving and creating.

Step inside a typical Balinese family compound and see how closely and harmoniously we live. Say hello, stroll down the pristine village street and stop for fresh coffee along the way. After that you can head down the hill and into the bamboo forest where our unique community project of Semara Ratih awaits.


Supporting the village economy

The 86 families of Taro Kelod are working together to invite mindful visitors into our picturesque Balinese village. We recognise the huge value of tourism to our island and we know we have a unique opportunity to show you our genuine way of life.

From within our village, we have elected local leaders to inspire and welcome a soft and respectful brand of tourism. By visiting Delodsema and Semara Ratih, you are directly supporting our artists, community and our immediate, local  economy.


Get unique insights and form special connections with real Balinese villagers

Enjoy fresh Bali coffee with traditionally skilled craftspeople while they work and explore breathtaking countryside. Trek or cycle from place to place, at your leisure. Step inside our family compounds and experience the wonder of our community project, Semara Ratih.